Flamingo Estate

Heritage EV Olive Oil

Olive Oil is the backbone of everything we cook during the Holidays. And Philip Asquith — a fourth-generation olive farmer — grows them exclusively for Flamingo Estate. His Olive Oil is the stuff of legend.

Phil’s farm in Ojai, California hosts thousands of gnarled, centuries-old trees. All of these Olive trees were grown from cuttings taken from some of the oldest and most renowned Olive groves in Europe. Phil’s family visited generational groves in Tuscany, Provence, and Sicily, taking cuttings from the healthiest, most productive trees and bringing them to California. In many cases, they were centuries old, some over a thousand years old. The result? Truly unique trees, which produce Oils not easily found in this part of the world. The Columella & Noccelara Del Belice varieties are especially rare and consistently produce the very best Olive Oils.

These trees can’t be harvested with machines because the fruit will bruise. This makes the harvest slower but intentional, the Olives are picked by hand and pressed immediately. The result is this nuanced, vibrant, green, and peppery Oil. The temperature and rainfall during the growing season have a significant impact on the flavor of each Olive harvest. Get yours while you can!

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